Weekend Recap in Photos

I love the weekends. It means I get to spend lots of uninterrupted time with my family. This weekend was extra special.  Darren went on a deep-sea fishing trip on Saturday which meant a whole day with my girl.  Macelyn helped clean her room which earned her some "points" (coins) for her piggy bank.  After all of our chores were finished we went out to find some adventures. We met up with Gram and my nephew for some bowling.  The Texas August heat called for snow cones, which was our next stop.  Macelyn ordered a bubble gum snow cone which turned out to be BRIGHT blue, not light pink like I assumed it would be.  She was immediately stripped of her shirt so as not to turn it blue.  My husband later informed me that bubble gum snow cones are usually blue.... still seems weird to me. Her little tummy had blue lines running down it. Haha so cute.
We worshipped together at church on Sunday morning, then enjoyed a wonderful home cooked lunch with some friends.  (I should use my crock-pot more often. haha) Sunday afternoon called for a nap with Daddy and a visit to the park.
I love our weekends together.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week.

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