Macelyn Grayce Rose

Our sweet girl went to stay with my parents for 2 weeks.  This is the longest she has been away.  She usually goes every summer for a week.  We are now a week and a half into her stay and I am READY for her to get home.  She is having a blast.  Getting spoiled by her aunts and uncles and of course her Bea and Poppy.  While she is gone we are converting her room into a "big-girl" room.  We've replaced her toddler bed with a full-size bed, got pretty new bedding for her bed, added a big bookshelf and will organize all her toys.  I will do another post with pictures once we have it finished.  I can't wait for her to get home and see her new room.  Also so I can hug her for 2 days straight. I've missed my silly little girl. 

*as of today's date, she is obsessed with purses and lipgloss*

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